Monday, January 9, 2012

Fanfield TV Description

Fanfield TV is a new way to enjoy sports, it combines the best videos from Youtube, the best news articles from Twitter, and the best sports podcasts all in one app, all for free!

     While watching a game, check to see what fans and experts are talking about on Twitter. This app doesn't require a Twitter account to use this feature, but if you are signed into Twitter you can check into the game and share the excitement with your friends.

     Feel like watching some sports shows and sick of the mainstream sports media monopoly talking about the same stories for 12 hours a day?  Check out one of the Youtube channels featured on Fanfield TV, where real fans are creating great content for other fans to watch.

     And if you like listening to sports radio in the morning or at work, but are sick of the commercials or lack of variety, tune into one of the podcasts featured on Fanfield TV and play it in the background on your way to work, while at the gym or whenever you feel like hearing some of your favorite podcasts.

There are many more features to come from Fanfield, so stay tuned for updates!

Need Help with Fanfield?

How to guide coming soon!

If you have any questions before then, tweet me at @nt994!